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BuyPartisan creates an instantaneous 2-way relationship among consumers and companies. For the first time you can scan a barcode and see the political spending behind the product that you are buying. Put your money where your beliefs are: Download our app now.

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    Scan product barcode

    Or search by individual company name or specific product

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    Discover company's political spending

    See the Political Donations of the CEO, Board of Directors and Employees of the company you are buying from.

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    Buy it - or not - and share

    Buy that product, look for alternatives or share information with your friends.

BuyPartisan is in the beta stage

Thank you for your interest in BuyPartisan! Our app is still in the beta stage and we continue to add more functionality. Right now, products offered by Fortune 250 companies can be accessed in most stores. After you download the app, push the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner for an up-to-date list.

Get an overview of a company’s political spending

BuyPartisan breaks down a company’s political spending by board of directors, CEO, PAC’s, and employees so you can quickly see who is donating to which political party.

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Dive deeper for a completely transparent look at spending

Get details on a company’s board of directors, including who they are and where they are spending their money. Dismayed at what you find? BuyPartisan lets you compare companies and find ones who shares your values.

Using BuyPartisan couldn’t be easier

Just scan a barcode while you’re out shopping, and all of that company’s political spending information will immediately pop up in the BuyPartisan app. Start putting your money where your beliefs are!

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We love feedback! It allows us to question ourselves, do not hesitate to give us yours.

  • Briana Kurtz


    @BuyPartisan love it. i've had a small 'no-buy list' for years but this makes it so much
    easier & saves time.

  • Bronwyn Flores


    @BuyPartisan app tells u PAC contributions made by the foods you are eating all by
    scanning the bar code. GENIUS

  • viare-nuble


    The limitless definition of #transparency never seeks to amaze me. I just downloaded
    @buypartisan and eager to check it out!

  • Ric Gruber Jr


    This is one of the best apps I've come across in awhile! Spend consciously

  • Darren Bodkin


    This app is great! It works well and is very informative if you want to know where
    your hard-earned money is going when you buy a product. So far, I haven't found a
    single product that the scan has not work on... Kudos to the developers! Great job!

  • Nsburto


    Being able to scan any product in the grocery store and find out the parent company as
    well as the political affiliations/donations of the company and its leadership is a great use
    of technology. I use this app a lot and will continue to do so.

  • tony lee


    It's great to see where all the money is going. It makes me think twice before I buy

  • Jake McAllister


    I work for some high profile political campaigns and am very in-tune to the importance
    of where my money goes so the idea itself is genius. The best part is the app actually
    works! I expected to have little success in scanning products but it really has info for
    everything, down to a collectible chocolate tin I bought 10 years ago! Outstanding job

  • Brian22msu


    It can be difficult to vote with your wallet but this app makes it so easy. Already found a
    few items in the pantry who I don't agree with politically! I will be looking for alternatives
    next time I go shopping.

  • Matt Hodges


    This is a really interesting use of political data. The app is snappy and visualizes the
    information cleanly.

  • venusrising

    iTunes User

    This app provides additional, much-needed transparency for our open market political

  • Baffoon88


    Allows you to put your money where your mouth is.

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